Preschool Graduation

26 Jul

This year, Ollie and I got to spend a little extra time together doing a preschool co-op group with some friends. We met once a week on Tuesdays at a different Mom’s house each time, and it was lots of fun. Oliver really enjoyed all the fun things he learned about. He even wanted to save his papers and projects in his backpack to tell Daddy about. At our house, we did a Camp Out, Helping at Home, Musical Preschool, Snow Day, Wading and Weaving, and made books of our favorite memories about going to preschool. I really want to do this for each of my kids for one of the years before they go to school, so, at least two more times!

Big thanks to the other teachers: Sara Walthers, Ashlee Millar, Misty Goodman, and Sara Fugal! Here’s some pictures of the kids at the graduation party/BBQ: Ian, Oliver, Annie, Ammon, and Meda.




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