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Horses and More Horses

08 Apr

Since we have moved to Kentucky, Merayla has really enjoyed horses: learning about them, drawing them, giving them as gifts at birthday parties, checking out books about them at the library, etc. There are statues of horses around town that she and Oliver have fun spotting as we drive by. She even got to ride a horse at the Back to School Bash for Kindergarten this year. So, Cristian found a fun birthday card and inside we gave her:

  1. A trip to a real horse farm and
  2. A trip to find a princess dress


Grandma also sent a Barbie horse, and Bunica sent a cute outfit. I was happy that she was so excited about the unicorn card. She was very grateful for everything and lots of fun on her two special trips.

That weekend, we visited Winchester Farm and had a personalized tour from our friends, the Yoshidas. They own a beautiful ranch north of town that raises foals (fillies and colts), as well as taking care of the pregnant dams before and after delivery. There were several newborns because it was foaling season, so it was neat to meet the new arrivals and to see them with their mothers. It was also interesting to learn about the workings of the farm and to find out the delicate nature of raising each thoroughbred horse.

In search of the princess dress, Merayla went on a late-night shopping trip to the mall with Mom. There were all kinds of twirly Easter dresses to try on and oh-and-ah over, but we also found a Christmas clearance bargain that she loved. Yes!

And, she wanted a chocolate cake. Which I made, and ate most of, even though I don’t really like chocolate.

Happy Birthday, Honey! We are so happy to have you in our lives.