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07 Nov

Oliver 3rd Birthday Invite

For Oliver’s birthday, we wanted to do some of his favorite things. He loves vrooming his cars around, so Cristian put together a fun racetrack for the kids to race hot wheels cars down from the couch and across the living room. It even had a jump in it. Oliver’s favorite book is Amelia Bedelia so we read it together, and I attempted to make lemon meringue pie since Oliver often includes the following sentence in his prayers: “And bless that we don’t run out of homemade lemon meringue pie.” He got a squirt gun—which he loves—some nice shirts, and a fun water play set. We love our little guy and are so grateful he is in our family.


P.S. Since the party, we call it “lemon meringue soup pie,” but I haven’t given up. Attempt #2 was better, and I’m convinced that this recipe won’t get the best of me so that means Oliver probably has plenty of lemon meringue still to come!