Merayla’s First Art Exhibit

25 Jul

2014-04-23 15.59.48

Merayla’s art was featured in an exhibit at the Rasdall Gallery on University of Kentucky campus, where student teachers at schools throughout the county selected works from their students to display. The exhibit ran from April 15 – April 25. Her pictures are the blond portrait above her head at the top, the “mud cloth” abstract in red, navy, and yellow directly above her head, and a palm tree silhouette similar to the one pictured but better and not in the photo.


A Trip to the Dentist

24 Jul

I just love the facial expressions. Don’t you feel like this at the dentist sometimes too?

2014-04-17 09.04.062014-04-17 09.04.112014-04-17 09.04.18


Portraits of Emmie

23 Jul

Family Christmas 2013

22 Jul

Widmer family

Left to right: Emory Icleanu, Oliver Icleanu, Heidi Icleanu, Merayla Icleanu, Constantin Icleanu, Lance Ward, Danielle Ward, Kevin Widmer, Dahlia Ward, Everett Lee, Charlyn Lee, Christopher Lee, Janet Widmer, Savannah Lee, Kirk Widmer, Bradley Tonks, Allie Tonks, Paige Tonks, Christina Tonks, Ashlee Tonks, Cory Tonks. Merry Christmas!!


Minecraft Party

21 Jul

So, we are a little nerdy. You just have to admit that when your 7-yr-old requests a Minecraft party. And the truth comes out even more when Cristian and I stay up until 2:00 am taking a trip to Walmart for green poster board to build a “creeper” and making square-shaped food in every possible form we can think of.
However, it was fun!!

Merayla Birthday 2014 Invitation

For those that don’t know Minecraft, think of it as Legos in a computer game, where you have to mine each kind of metal and then trade villagers for other kinds of materials to build things. It takes an incredibly long time and I don’t have the patience, but Cristian and Merayla love it. She invited all of her friends from her 1st grade class that knew the game, and they wore the Steve head (the good guy in the game), chopped and shot at the creeper (bad guy), built mini Minecraft people and searched for them around the house, and generally had a good time. I even tried to make a cake that looks like the cake (yes, there is a cake in Minecraft) except the Starbursts started melting! Well, I hope you enjoy the pictures and get some good ideas if you ever need to throw a Minecraft Birthday Party…


Fruit Ninja Party

20 Jul

Oliver turned four years old!! And we had a blast chopping fruit, eating fruit, and becoming true ninjas.

Oliver Birthday Invitation 2013 copy

Here’s how it worked:

Here’s photos of the event and the friends that came: CJ and Laney, Katy, Bobby, Max, and Gabe Creasman and a friend that was at their house, and us.

Here’s the cake and the cutest Bird in the world singing “Happy Bird Day!”


Playing Around the House

19 Jul

2014-03-28 10.15.10

Em and three things she loves: hats, a toothbrush, and the baiat!


The baiat Oliver with his good friend, the big white bear. He insisted on a picture of them together.


My three favorite friends to hang out with during the day.


Fairies in the Forest

18 Jul

Merayla got to perform in the Lexington Ballet’s production of Snow White this spring. The routine was much more complicated than the one she learned for The Nutcracker last Christmas, and she did so well.


Update This Blog Please

18 Jul

Well folks, it’s been like a year and a half, but there’s something about having a baby that makes you feel like you ought to finish up all undone projects. Hm, so maybe a post a day until I go into labor? That would be fun. Alrighty, stay tuned.


Happy Thanksgiving

29 Nov

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. We stayed home but we were not alone. I had with me my wonderful Heidi, sagacious Mirela, pensative Oliver, and the treasure named Emory. We had fun and ate most tasty food that Heidi and I prepared. For some reason, making all the food did not seem as crazy or hard as it did in the past. Maybe it is because we have done it before, or that we did it without guests. I am not sure why, but it was great and we had great fun. See the pictures and tell us about what you have been doing.